5 Alternatives to GTunes Music Downloader

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5 Alternatives to GTunes Music Downloader

Deezer is my final recommendation as an alternative to GTunes music downloader. It is a music service like these others with a slick app, millions of tracks, mixes and playlists. It also offers a free account that can stream music and a premium account that can download it for offline listening.

Spotify Music is another top notch music app for Android and other devices. It too has millions of tracks and users and offers both free and premium accounts. You cannot download music with a free account but you can stream to the app or your browser. Buy Spotify Premium and you can download tracks to your device to listen to offline.

4Shared Music says it has 12 million users which should provide a huge selection of music to search and listen to. Aside from the fact that 4Shared Music is not available on the Google Play Store, I do not know if this app is legal or not. It might be worth checking out before using it.

SoundCloud is huge, with millions of users and millions of albums and individual tracks to choose from. With the free account you can listen to music from all over the world with ads. With a premium account, you do away with the ads and can download music to your device to listen to as and when you please.

4Shared Music is a decent alternative to GTunes music downloader that combines cloud storage with music downloads. Each user has 15GB of storage at their command to use as they see fit. You can then upload your own music to the cloud to access from anywhere or listen to other people’s music stored on their own cloud. It is a good app that seems to work well on Android.

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