4 Reasons Your Bumble Profile Disappeared

Once you’ve toggled off Date Mode, you will be prompted with a message to let you know that your dating profile will be permanently deleted and all of your connections will be erased in Date mode.

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4 Reasons Your Bumble Profile Disappeared

This is a common occurrence for people who drink late at night and use Bumble. They will use Bumble; they may get frustrated they don’t have matches and delete the app. Often you’ll wake up confused that your profile doesn’t exist anymore. However, it was because you deleted it from your phone.

If your profile is removed from Bumble, it means that all of your matches and likes will essentially be removed. We always recommend that you check Bumble’s community guidelines here to ensure you didn’t violate any of them. If your profile goes against their guidelines, there may be a point where Bumble removes it.

More often than not, the reason your account got removed or deleted was that you violated Bumble’s guidelines and terms of service. You have to agree to their terms of service to use the app. Please make sure your reason through them properly. That way, you don’t get your account banned.

Second, if your language and how you talk to people violate Bumble’s guidelines, if people report your profile because you’re harassing them or being too vulgar, Bumble may remove your profile. If they remove it, you will lose everything. Especially if you’re a paying customer, you don’t want to lose Bumble Premium.

Your information should be safe as long as your account wasn’t deleted with your new phone. It should just log you out, and you should be able to log right in. Again if your account seems to be deleted, contact Bumble support and see if they can get it back for you.

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