37 Funny Tinder Questions Your Matches Will Love


37 Funny Tinder Questions Your Matches Will Love And Respond To

Here’s what I think must have happened – a cutie hasn’t responded to you in a while and you just checked your DM a few seconds ago, still nothing. What is the next logical step? Fire up Google looking for funny Tinder opener questions and you stumbled upon this article.

Maybe you are new to the online dating space and that is why you are here. In that case, before we move to the actual questions, I have a suggestion in advance – do NOT open with a compliment because that can come off as superficial. Even if your match is dead-drop gorgeous, try to open with something amusing and witty and then drop compliments.

AH! wait…wait…one last tip – be subjective as well. You cannot start with a steak joke when your match is a vegan…so please do your due diligence with these and have fun with them. Personalize your openers by understanding what your match is into and don’t send a “Hey”. *sighs*

1. What would it take for someone to take you off this app?

Ahhh, this clever question will give you an idea of what your match is trying to do on Tinder. Some people are there to simply have fun and meet people and don’t want anything too serious. Humor them by adding your personal touches to them in the follow-up conversation. One of the best funny Tinder questions to ask a girl in my opinion.

2. You want to approach a cute guy/girl but can only open with a terrible pickup line. What do you go with?

After having spent a substantial amount of time on Tinder, I’ve come across a lot of people who want the other person to strike up a fun conversation. Among this list of funny tinder opener questions, this specific one will make your match think. Chances are, this might lead them to tell you a funny story about terrible pick-up lines.

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