34 Subtle Signs a Coworker Likes You & is Deeply Infatuated by You

21 Signs a Female Coworker Likes You: Blink and You’ll Miss Them
  1. She Smiles When She Notices You.
  2. She Finds Reasons to Spend Time Around You.
  3. She Often Seeks Out Your Assistance.
  4. She Often Offers to Help You.
  5. She Tries to Spend Time with You Outside of Work.

10 Signs Your Coworker Has Feelings For You

A colleague keeps giving you the eye but are you reading the situation correctly? Here are some subtle signs a coworker likes you to know for sure.

how to tell if coworker likes you

Many couples meet at work, but it is always a little risky to go for it initially. None of us want to put our jobs in jeopardy, so knowing the subtle signs a coworker likes you helps make the choice a whole lot simpler.

While it can be quite complicated to mix personal lives and work, many people actually find relationships at work. It’s not for everyone but if this is something you’re okay with, why not?

Before you take things a step further with a coworker you like, you need to know if they like you back first. Or maybe, there’s already a coworker who’s dropping subtle hints they like you, but you’re confused. But how to tell if a coworker likes you for sure? That way, you can avoid embarrassment. [Read: Psychology of attraction – 4 types and the ones that make you fall in love]

Be cautious when dating a coworker

Being involved with someone at work can be a really fun thing, but it can also be really risky. You see them all the time, and you have to put on a professional face even if you’re dating them so people don’t think of you in an unprofessional manner.

That being said, some places even have policies banning dating coworkers—in which case you would have to be REALLY careful if you did get involved with someone at work because you wouldn’t want to get fired.

If you want to know how to tell if a coworker likes you, the signs below will point you in the right direction. But, then you need to think about how you feel and about the possible ramifications if you decide to go for it. [Read: The subtle hints to tell you the difference between friendly vs flirty]

How to spot the subtle signs a coworker likes you

If you want to learn how to tell if a coworker likes you, you’ll have to be hyper-aware. Because, just like you, they are probably nervous about liking someone from work. The signs this coworker likes you will be subtle.

If you have any knowledge of flirting at all, use this to your advantage by spotting when your coworker is trying to subtly flirt with you. Maybe they keep touching you, laughing when you’re around, or staring at you.

These are all simple and subtle signs a coworker likes you, if you want to catch them flirting with you. [Read: The pros and cons of bringing sex into the workplace]

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