30 Clear Signs He Misses You Badly

His words and actions are all about you when you’re not around. This one’s pretty easy. If he constantly talks about you or finds ways to bring you up when he’s with his friends and family when you’re not around, it’s clear he adores you and he’s always thinking about you and he completely misses you.

7 Clear Signs He Misses You But Won’t Admit It

12. He reaches out to you with no apparent reason

He might just reach out to you to say “hi” or “how are you?” without a specific agenda in mind. If he does this, you could take it as a sign that he holds you dear in his heart.

He could be playing all the songs on your playlist without realizing it. You could get to know of it once you check his playlist, or your favorite song could be playing in the background while he is talking to you over the phone. This is one of the subtle signs that he misses you.

Some men believe in expressing their feelings through action. If he sends you a gift or surprises you with an act of love or kindness, it might be his way of showing that you are special and he misses you.

Do you bump into him at unexpected places or events, especially those places where he wouldn’t usually frequent? He wants to reconnect and be close to you. Perhaps he is getting the hints from your social media posts or your friends.

Does he bring up the good old days you were together, in his conversations? And does he check your old pictures on Facebook or hold on to the souvenirs? Then he might be missing you.

Is he curious about the things happening in your life? Does he ask you about your day, your job, your pets, and everything that has to do with you? He might be missing you dearly.

Despite his busy schedule, he takes out time to tell you about his day, the things he did, the people he met, etc. It is a sign that you are important in his life, and he misses you.

If he goes the extra mile and makes plans to see you or tells you about his plans for the next time you meet, he is dying to see you.

If he ends up arguing with you for the silliest of things or gets frustrated over not being able to meet you, it could be a sign that he misses you.

Does he still don the t-shirt or the piece of jewelry you gifted him? It is a strong sign that you are still in his mind.

Does he get all excited when he sees you? It could be during a chance encounter or a time you have planned. If he gets excited or can’t stop smiling, it is a clear sign that he has been missing you.

It has been a while since you guys broke up, and yet there seem to be no signs of him getting into a new relationship. Well, the reason could be that he’s still missing you.

Well, this is a clear sign that he isn’t content with just the calls and texts but wants to see you and be as close to you as possible, albeit virtually.

If he keeps sending you pictures of him and his friends having a good time when he is not around you, it is a sign that he wishes you were there sharing that time with him.

26. He keeps in touch with you even when not expected

Let’s say he is on an important business trip or vacationing with his friends or parents. If he still makes time to reach out to you and let you know how things are, then do not have to worry over whether he is missing you or not.

Ask his friends, and if they tell you that he watches your favorite movies, listens to your favorite songs, and cooks your favorite food, he has been missing you.

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