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How to Write a Great Tinder Bio (For Guys)

1. I like my partners same way I like my coffee. So swipe right if you’re hot and bitter

tinder bios for couples

Now, this is a good tinder bio template due to its simplicity. You can make a list in which you briefly index, let’s say, no more than four things about yourself. An addendum to this is also putting a very small list of things you would like in a partner.

2. Went to a party dressed as an egg, and got with a guy who was dressed as a chicken. A life long question was answered

tinder bios for couples

Uhhh, risky, but it can play out pretty well. The risk is that it doesn’t give out much more information other than the basics, but this can certainly work in your favor as long as you make it sassy or funny as it makes you interesting from the first read.

3. I got 99 problems and the patriarchy explains at least 86 of them.

tinder bios for couples

This is a variation on the classic list, and it’s a good one because it gives a lot of information but in a very dynamic way. A good way to do this is by putting firsts and lasts.

For example, you can create a list of firsts in which you include your first job, first concert, the first movie that made you cry.

The pros of this approach are that it gives information about you that people might relate to or they can ask you about, which is great for conversation starters or to make sure the conversation doesn’t get stuck once you guys get to talking.

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