21 Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant

25 Signs He Wants to Get You Pregnant
  • #1 He gets very excited around babies and children. …
  • #2 He talks about the future, which includes you. …
  • #4 He wants you to get off birth control. …
  • #5 He always wants to have unprotected sex. …
  • #6 He offers to babysit for family members or friends. …
  • #8 He tells you straight up.

8 definite signs he wants to have a baby with you

21 Clear-Cut Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant

One of the signs that should tip you off that your man wants to get you pregnant is when he becomes softer around children than he used to be. Normally, your boyfriend should be kind to babies and find them cute. However, when he begins to have this extra soft look in his eyes like his figurative ovaries are quivering to make babies, you should know that he is ready to become a dad.

If you’re on the same page with him, that’s well and good but if you’re not, you may want to nip that idea in the bud before it leaves his mind.

2. He Is Eager To Carry Babies Even In The Public

What would you feel like if you see your normally stoic boyfriend carrying this little bundle of joy in his arms and crooning to the baby as a doting father would? You’d probably be impressed just as much as you’d be surprised. If pregnancy is the farthest thing on your mind, you would also be wary about his new interest in babies.

However, this single action doesn’t mean he would actively try to get you pregnant, it’s just one of the many signs he wants to get you pregnant. The possibility of you falling for his tricks is if you’re not vigilant enough to make sure that doesn’t happen.

3. He Is Talking More And More About What Your Babies Will Look Like

signs he secretly wants you pregnant

Guys don’t usually sit around having a conversation about raising children or becoming parents. Men do this as part of the realization that they are ready to become committed. Most times, once men decide to do things, they don’t back down until they get what they want.

As such, if your guy is starting to talk a lot about how much his brother’s kids look like him more than their mother, he will eventually move on to talking about what your babies will look like. If you love each other and the relationship is serious, you’ll probably think along the same line. It’s just left to you to get pregnant when you want to, not because he wants you to.

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