20 Signs A Virgo Man Likes You

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His life goals and aspirations are very personal to him. He just discusses them with people he wishes to stay in his life for a long time, if not forever. He talks about it with his family and very close friends, but he keeps quiet when he’s talking to a woman.

If A Virgo Man Likes You, He Will Always Make An Effort To Be A Perfect Gentleman

He might not be the most talkative person in the world at first; he does like to take things slow (he’s always thinking). But the best part is, once he gets comfortable with you and sees that it’s worth committing time to your relationship (whether it’s romantic or platonic), then he will make an effort to be the perfect gentleman (like finding new hairstyles you like), and a very good listener.

This means you can expect him to show his romantic feelings on a deeper level. He will open doors for you, carry some of your stuff, and always pay the bill when it is time to dine together! He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t like you, why would he go out of his way?!

His sense of humor might not be as evident as other men’s. That’s because after meeting with someone so many times, one has to change up their personality traits a little bit, or else things just get too boring.

He likes being able to help people. Even if you’re a hopeless case, be prepared for him to try and solve all your problems. The Virgo man can’t help himself when it comes to fixing other people’s lives.

Finding a Virgo boyfriend is starting to sound like a great idea!

Don’t be surprised if he drives a car that has been around for a while. The Virgo man likes driving vehicles that are built to last a long time!

These guys take their time with everything in order to make sure they don’t mess things up, (especially relationships). So, chances are you’ll meet him in an old car, and might never see him drive anything new!

When it comes to his best friend or family, their happiness matters most to him; he spends a lot of time with them. So if you want your relationship with him to work out, you’re going to have to accept that. He has high expectations in this category and won’t trade these people for anything.

The Virgo man is fussy and does things in his own way; he’ll only eat certain foods. Never ones that are too spicy, or any food that has gone bad! The same goes with the drinks – he isn’t fond of beer like most men (he prefers wine) and hates carbonated beverages.

He would probably drink orange juice at every chance he gets! A Virgo man loves all types of science novels and documentaries which make him seem even more serious than usual.

He might be very tough on the outside, but there is a list of signs that show how, deep down inside, he’s a sweet soul who likes helping others in need – especially a Virgo woman who needs guidance with dating/relationships.

If you want to know what the Virgo guy is thinking and how he feels about you, follow this Virgo-specific advice for telltale signs a Virgo man likes you:

If he doesn’t mind meeting your parents, even if he hasn’t met them before; this means that someone finally managed to impress him!

He trusts your family’s opinions and appreciates quality time, which will show how much he cares about you. He also likes meeting friends and hanging with mutual friends.

If your Virgo crush calls or messages you within minutes after saying goodbye (when it used to be hours!), he definitely likes you. This might not seem like a big thing, but it actually shows just how smitten by you the guy is!

Most guys take their time with people they’re not really interested in so if he is giving up sleep over you, then that’s one of the key signs you have the Virgo man’s heart!

If he pays special attention in your work (or even just a new hairstyle), even when it is not related to his fields of interest, you’ve caught his interest. This is a good sign – no matter what, he will always check up on you and try to be there for you when you need him to, and in front of others.

He might pretend that he’s busy but he isn’t really! All this shows just how much effort he puts into understanding who you are as a person so if all of these things sound familiar, then lucky girl – you’ve got yourself a Virgo man!

Most men are very good at hiding their feelings in a convenient way, but the more time you spend with your guy, the more obvious their feelings will become. Here are some of the more obvious physical signs that let you know if a Virgo man likes you:

When you first meet, especially if you are a woman of the fire signs, he will struggle to make eye contact, even if you’re the only girl in his presence. The good news is, as time goes by, he will be more attentive! He’ll put all his effort into catching every single detail about who you are, and what makes you so special.

The best thing is, his hands might seem cold at first but once he warms up, they become hot to the touch. This is one of the best signs that your guy is really enjoying your company and is likely quite attracted to you!

This particular zodiac sign ignores other women, even if they’re giving him their best shots. This is because Virgo guys usually don’t like wasting their time until they can prove themselves worthy of his attention.

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