195 Examples of Funny Bumble Prompt Answers

How Do I Add Prompts On Bumble? Profile > Tap Photo ‘Tap to edit profile’ > Scroll down to ‘Profile Prompts’ > Select a Prompt From The List > Answer the Prompt > Click the Yellow checkmark in the upper right to save the response.

Bumble Like A Boss: Honest Review & Tips to Get More Girls

If I could have only three things on a deserted island, I would have…

28. A box with wine bottles, my future wife and a plane to escape when I get bored

29. A pair of sunglasses, a portable TV, and an inflatable bouncy castle

30. A lighter, a six-pack of beer, and a pair of sunglasses

38. You want to bring your cat to meet my cat

39. We can agree on something: dogs are kind of cute

40. You’ll never judge me for the things I say or do when I’m drunk

48. You’re okay with a chick flick once in a while

49. You will love my cats as much as I do

50. You don’t mind me calling you in the middle of the night to talk about stupid stuff

52. You can survive without your cell phone for more than 3 hours

77. When you ask your friend, “Did I do anything stupid last night?”

78. When you wake up in a strange place and you don’t know how you got there

79. When you could have sworn you just slept with someone but you don’t know who

80. When you’re so wasted you turn on your phone’s camera and start taking mirror pics of yourself

81. Waking up the next morning next to the hot stranger you just met

82. Getting so drunk you wake up with a tattoo…

83. When you sleep with someone who’s just way too hot for you

84. When you wake up with a hangover and a half-naked tattooed dude in your bed

104. My ability to fall asleep at any time of the day

If you could teleport to anywhere this weekend, it would be…

118. My boss’ wife while he is away on business

128. When someone doesn’t say thanks after I hold a door for them

129. When someone talks shit about their friends behind their back

135. People who talk on the phone while they pee

149. A bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a good novel.

150. Sleep in, hang out with my friends, and dinner out.

151. The gym, the Bachelor, and a glass of wine.

152. Curling up with a book and a bottle of wine.

153. Brunch with my best friend, an appointment with my esthetician, and an entire episode of “The Bachelor” to sob into my wine glass.

154. Working out with the girls, scoping out the cute guys in the gym, and then cooking with my roommate.

156. Going to my favorite brunch spot, drinking mimosas, and eating eggs benedict.

157. Listening to live music with my friends, eating tacos and drinking beer.

158. A hot bath, a good book and a cup of tea.

170. Watching Netflix for 12 hours straight without taking a break

172. Coming up with excuses for why I haven’t finished my work

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