19 Adorable Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You

5 Signs An Introvert Likes You & Is Just Scared To Show You
  • They Suddenly Just Seem To Always Be Around. …
  • They Change Their Behavior When They’re Around You. …
  • They Let You Into Their Personal Space. …
  • They Get Personal With You. …
  • They Go Outside Their Comfort Zone With You.

10 Signs an Introvert Likes You

19 Adorable Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You:

If an introvert invites you out or suggests doing something together, there’s a good chance they’re interested in spending more time with you in the future. Giving and going on dates is something extroverts do willingly, but it will be tough for an introvert to ask someone out. If they do, it’s because they’re thinking of you and how nice it would be to spend time with you.

2. They text or call just to see what you’re doing.

An introvert may not be very vocal about their feelings, but they still have a lot of them. If your introvert is into you, it’s likely that they’re curious about what you’re doing all the time. If they get the chance, they may text or even call out of interest just to see if you’re up to something. This says a lot about an introvert’s feeling about you because we don;t make a habit of checking on people over the phone!

3. You’re the first person they contact when they have good news to share.

Introverts are not known for being showy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the people closest to them to know when something good happens. They may be excited about some news and think it would please you if they shared their excitement with you.

If an introvert likes someone enough, they might actually want to learn about the other person’s hobby or interest. Chances are, they’ve heard about it or seen you doing it before. So if they offer to take you out for your favorite activity, there’s a chance they want to learn more about what makes you tick.

People who are extraverted tend to be comfortable sharing their feelings with anyone and everyone. But introverts are more guarded. If they’re opening up to you about how they feel, there’s a good chance that they really like you and want you to know them better. they want you to understand them, to connect with them on a more personal level. You’re not like the others to them.

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