18 Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love

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18 Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love – You Can’t Go Wrong With These!

His short-lived interests often create trouble in his love life, but once he finds someone who completely fascinates him, he would fall head-over-heels for them for a very long time.

Eager to know about the 18 signs an Aquarius man is in love? Keep reading.

Aquarius men are generally interactive in nature, but they are not very social. Confusing, right? Well, Aquarius men love having conversations. They can get very talkative, but only with the people they’re absolutely comfortable with. If an Aquarius man is in love with you, he will always be eager to meet you.

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An Aquarius man generally enjoys personal time and freedom in their relationships too. If you want to know how an Aquarius man acts when he likes you, just send him one text about wanting to meet him. He will readily clear his schedule.

2. He will subtly drop hints for you to surprise him

Understanding Aquarius men is not an easy task. He will secretly expect you to do things for him as well. An Aquarius man will go out his way to do things for you, but if you want him to fall head-over-heels for you, then you will have to put in some efforts as well.

Find out about the likes of an Aquarius man and surprise him with it. It won’t even be that difficult since he will drop subtle hints about what he likes anyway!

3. He will wonder if you are going too fast

Aquarian men are not afraid of falling in love. They tend to call a spade, a spade. However, to understand Aquarian men, it is important to realize that they are in constant doubt and confusion. He will identify his own signs of being in love, but he would still go to sleep wondering if your pace is right.

If you’re sure that the Aquarius man likes you, and if you like him back, don’t hesitate in giving him an assurance to dissolve all his inhibitions.

An Aquarius man will be flirtatious, gentle, and romantic. He would keep sending you texts and drop subtle hints that indicate he is thinking about you, or is looking forward to having more of your company.

Don’t be surprised if he sends you flowers, aroma candles and wine just cause he felt like it.

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If you keep receiving cute texts from an Aquarius man, he is certainly interested in you and is not trying very hard to hide it.

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