15 signs a scorpio man is playing you (complete list)

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  • 1.1 He Only Talks About One Thing..
  • 1.2 He Doesn’t Ask You About Yourself.
  • 1.3 He Spends No Time With Your Friends/Family.
  • 1.4 He Won’t Introduce You To His Friends Either.
  • 1.5 Doesn’t Take You Out.
  • 1.6 Falls Off The Radar.
  • 1.7 He’s Hot and Cold.
  • 1.8 Makes Promises He Doesn’t Keep.

5 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

8) When he does text you, his player ways show

Even if your Scorpio man is a consistent texter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s serious. In fact, you can easily see his ways.

Here are eight clear signs that he’s playing you through text:

  • He rarely sends the first text
  • He’s quick to lose interest
  • He’s so full of himself
  • He doesn’t ask about you – not even once
  • He couldn’t care less about your problems
  • He keeps on forgetting the things you’ve told him
  • He doesn’t like talking about relationships
  • He only texts when he’s horny – so it’s all about sexts, baby
  • Remember: the more you engage with his texts, the more he’ll keep on bugging you.

    He told you you’d be going out this weekend, but he didn’t confirm.

    Well, it’s obvious. He’s all talk – and no action – simply because he isn’t interested.

    As I’ve just mentioned, when Scorpio men are in love, they are consistent. This is often the case, even if the sign itself is fleeting by nature.

    If not, maybe you should consider walking the other way.

    Scorpio men are generally unpredictable. But if they like you, they’ll be consistent with talking, dating, basically the whole shebang.

    So if your date is hot – then cold – it’s not because of his sign.

    It’s a conscious effort on his part. His interest is fleeting, and it’s evident in how he treats you.

    He’s only playing with you, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

    See, Scorpio is one of the signs known to keep promises. That’s because they care about their reputation a lot. They will do everything to preserve their good name (and .)

    So if your Scorpio guy doesn’t keep true to his word – then be on high alert. A broken promise is one thing – breaking them every time is a red flag.

    It’s an obvious sign that he’s only playing you, so you need to be careful!

    If your Scorpio man has suddenly disappeared without a trace, then he more or less ghosted you.

    Ghosting – which involves “abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation” – is an obvious sign.

    He’s playing with you, and he may have already found another woman!

    As psychologists explain:

    “Cutting off communication spares the individual from confrontation, taking responsibility, or engaging in the emotional labor of empathy—despite the benefit a conversation can provide.

    Sure, this can leave you confused – and hurt. You may try to reach out, but it’s not always recommended.

    According to experts:

    “If the person did not text you after your second or third date, it is probably futile to contact the person, and you are likely better off without them.”

    13) He doesn’t spend time with your family or friends

    You know your Scorpio man is a player if he hasn’t spent time with your relatives or friends.

    See, meeting these people is a step up in any relationship. If he refuses to meet them – or if he has an excuse every single time – then you should think twice.

    He’s pocketing because he doesn’t think your relationship is going anywhere. He’s just in it for the short ride – not the long term.

    If he’s not met your family or friends yet, then there’s a good chance that you haven’t met his pals as well.

    The reason is quite apparent. He doesn’t want them to tell on him.

    Of course, their allegiance is with your Scorpio man – but who knows? They might inadvertently ‘fess up to the things he does behind your back.

    15) If you do, he only introduces you as his ‘friend’

    signs a scorpio man is playing you

    Say you finally got the chance to meet his friends (after some incessant bugging.) But – to your surprise – he only introduces you as his friend.

    If you still haven’t got the clue, then let me fill you in: he’s just playing with you!

    Even if you’ve only started going out, he should at least introduce you as the girl he’s dating.

    Not his friend. Especially after all the hanky-panky you’ve done with him.

    If you’re dealing with a Scorpio player, there are four things you should do:

    Sad as it may seem, your sign may not be aligned with Scorpio. That’s why you need to check your astrological compatibility.

    Unbeknownst to many, there are only two signs that jive well with Scorpio: Cancer and Pisces.

    Likewise, there are three signs that are oil to Scorpio’s water (sign.) They are Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

    If you fall under any of these three signs, your incompatibility may be the main reason why he’s playing you. Just because you’re opposite poles doesn’t necessarily mean things will work out.

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