13 signs he regrets losing you and he definitely wants you back

9 Signs He Regrets Hurting You
  • He will be quieter than usual. You will notice that he is more quiet than usual. …
  • He checks on you more than usual. …
  • He shows he is too happy. …
  • He can’t stop showing up. …
  • He will change for you. …
  • He will find ways to talk to you. …
  • He tries to make you laugh. …
  • He apologizes.

Signs Your Ex Regrets Breaking Up With You

2. He is way too interested in your love life

If he is contacting you, then what is he asking you about?

Now don’t get me wrong: You probably can’t read too much into general chit-chat.

But if he is asking you about your love life and who you’re currently dating, that’s a surefire sign that he is trying to work out if you’re single or not.

He probably regrets losing you and he wants to know if there is a possibility of you guys starting things up again.

Now it’s important to remember:

It’s fairly normal for friends to ask at least one question about each other’s dating life. Don’t read too much into that.

But if they keep pestering you about your dating life and they seem overly passionate about it, then they’re clearly interested in finding out if you’re single or not.

In fact, in my experience of running into my exes, we usually ask general questions like how life is going or work, but the topic of love is rarely the main topic.

The bottom line is that if they’re constantly asking you about your love life and who you’re seeing, then they not only regret breaking up with you, but they probably want to start the relationship again as well.

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Is your ex sending you texts (perhaps after 1 or 2 drinks) reminiscing about the good ol’ days?

If he is talking about your past together with fondness, then you’re still on his mind.

Anyone that has moved on with their life wouldn’t bother sending texts about the past with their ex.

Nostalgia is a strong emotion, and when you experience it you can’t help but bask in its glory.

This is why he is getting in contact with you.

The bottom line is this:

If he is sending you “remember when” texts then you can be guaranteed that they regret losing you and they want you back.

They know where you usually hang out. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that you keep running into them?

Even if you’re hanging out at new places since you broke up, with social media these days, it’s pretty easy to work out where someone is spending their time.

“Randomly running into you” may actually be their sole intention of going out.

The world is a big place. There are only so many coincidences to go around.

They want to see you because they regret losing you and they miss you.

A less simple explanation could be that subconsciously they’re missing you, and when their friends mention a place to go to, they jump at the chance because it’s likely you’ll be there.

Yes it sounds a little stalkerish but you can’t blame them. They regret losing you and love is a powerful emotion.

But it’s clear that if they’re going out of their way to run into you, then they probably still have strong feelings for you.

And if they still have strong feelings for you, then they probably regret losing you.

6. His social media appears too good to be true

Don’t be too disheartened if you find him posting on social media about how much he is enjoying single life.

It’s all for show. If he is actually enjoying life after dating you, he certainly wouldn’t explicitly state it on social media.

Ironically, feeling the need to show others that he is happy and having the time of his life probably means the exact opposite.

But this may also extend to the real world as well.

When you see him, he may try to portray himself in an overly optimistic way.

You probably know this guy pretty well, so you’ll be able to recognize if his overly happy attitude is a little “off” or “fake”. It will likely be too extreme to be believable.

If one of your friends has a private conversation with him and asks him about the breakup, and he can’t spend more than 5 seconds talking about it, you know that his heart is still broken

It’s clear that if he can’t actually talk about it then he hasn’t fully accepted how much guilt and regret he feels.

Not being able to process the break-up and the fact it’s ended is a key sign that he regrets losing you.

He knows he stuffed up. And like any guy, it’s really hard to admit your mistakes.

Does your guy still have protective instincts? Does he still want to be there for you and make sure you’re okay?

It could be as little as checking up on you via text or making sure you’re safe when you cross a busy road. Little signs that your welfare is still a priority.

If so, then he probably regrets losing you and feels terrible about ending the relationship.

He still wants to make sure you’re okay, and he wants to be there for you to save the day.

The simple truth is that men have a biological urge to provide for and protect women. It’s hardwired into them.

The best part is that the hero instinct is something that you can trigger in him. If you want him back also, then check out this free video by the relationship psychologist who first coined the term. He gives an excellent overview of this fascinating concept.

I know it sounds kind of silly. In this day and age, women don’t need someone to rescue them. They don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

But here’s the ironic truth. Men do still need to be a hero. Because it’s built into their DNA to seek out relationships that allow them to feel like a protector.

The hero instinct is a legitimate concept in relationship psychology that I personally believe has a lot of truth to it.

Some ideas really are life-changing. And for romantic relationships, I believe this is one of them.

The bottom line is that if you still have the hero instinct triggered for you, then not only will he regret losing you, but he probably wants to date you again.

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