12 Unique and Funny Examples of How to Ask a Girl for Her Number

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number in a Funny Way
  1. 1 “I lost my number. …
  2. 2 “Something’s wrong with my phone! …
  3. 3 “Could you hold my phone? …
  4. 4 “How will I propose to you if I don’t have your number?”
  5. 5 “I added your name to my contacts. …
  6. 6 “Could you send me a text to see if my phone’s working?”

Easiest Way To Get Any Girls Number!!

12 Unique and Funny Ways to Ask a Girl for Her Number Online and Offline

clever ways to ask for a number

So what are some clever ways to ask for a girl’s number?

1) Tell her that you don’t have your phone on you and ask her to write her phone number on your palm. If she doesn’t have a pen, tell her that lipstick will work as well.

2) “I don’t usually give my number to girls that I just met, but if you give me yours that will work”

3) “I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you but I have to run now. Can I call you later this week to see if you are available for a coffee? What’s your number?”

4) “I’ve had fun talking to you. How about we meet up for a coffee sometime next week? What’s your number?”

5) When chatting online: “Hey I am going to sleep right now. What’s your number? I will text you tomorrow and will let you know if I had any wild dreams!”

6) “I loved talking to you! I will add you to my contacts. Already have your name, just missing your number.“

7) “You are really cute! Give me your number and let’s hang out sometime!”

8) “Let’s grab coffee sometime. Give me your number and I will text you later.”

9) “You sound like a cool girl and I want to get to know you better. Give me your number and I will get in touch with you sometime next week.”

10) If she is working – cashier, waitress, receptionist. Give her a note with your number instead. Or tell her to text you if she wants to hang out sometime.

11) When online: “I am not usually online so texting might be easier. What’s your number?”

12) “Hey sorry I have an appointment in 5 minutes but I really want to chat with you again. Do you have WhatsApp?” If not, ask if she has a phone number.

When is the Right Time to Ask for a Phone Number?

clever ways to ask for a number

The right timing can make a huge difference when asking for a phone number.

If you are chatting with a girl online, ask for her number after you exchanged around 7-10 messages.

The idea is to build a little rapport before asking for a phone number but before the conversation gets boring.

You can continue chatting and getting to know each other over the phone.

If you wait for too long before asking for her number, she might get bored or distracted by all other guys that want to chat with her online.

If you meet a girl in real life, get her number just before leaving.

Use one of the examples in this post to get her number.

Even if there is no much attraction between you at this point, you can always tell her that you just want to stay in touch.

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