12 surprising ways a guy feels when you ignore him

The First Stage A Guy Goes Through When You Ignore Him And When He’s Likely To Come Back Around

12 surprising ways a guy feels when you ignore him

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19 Things That Go Through A Guy’s Mind When You Ignore Him

what he thinks when you ignore him

The most obvious thought that will go through his head is that he is in the wrong. Now, we all know that men are not as clued up as women. So it is quite likely he will have no idea what you are upset about.

The thing is, a guy will like clear instructions. They don’t play games and they don’t like to have to guess what the matter is. My advice is, if he has done something wrong, ignoring a guy won’t help. So, don’t be passive-aggressive about it, tell him to his face.

In a long-term relationship it is easy to take your partner for granted. We accept the things they do for us without question or thanks. Sometimes it takes ignoring a guy to make him sit up and take notice.

All of a sudden you are not there anymore. He is left on his own for the first time and he begins to realise how much you actually do for him. This could be the wake-up call he needs to re-evaluate his behaviour. He sees that you want attention.

If your man is used to speaking or seeing you on a regular basis and then suddenly you are ignoring him he might fear the worst. He may start thinking that you are cheating on him or seeing other men behind his back.

After all, what else could it be? Most guys have one-track minds. They can’t fathom the thought that it could be a problem they have created. It must be a problem you are instigating.

4. You Want To End The Relationship With Him

what he thinks when you ignore him

For certain men, cutting off all contact means only one thing – you want to end the relationship. After all, that’s what he would do in the same situation.

He thinks to himself that wouldn’t bother telling you, instead he would ignore you and hope that you get the message. This ghosting technique is cruel and unnecessary, but it might be what is going through his head.

Did you know that we are attracted to the unknown more than what is certain? Uncertainty plays a huge role in attraction. For example, if we are sure about a person’s feelings towards us it can lead to complacency.

However, if we are not sure what they feel like towards us it intrigues us and gets our curiosity going. We are more interested in this person. We want to find out more about them. So he might find his feelings are growing for you because he’s not sure of your feelings towards him.

You want to know a secret? Men don’t think the same way women do. They tend to presume everything is fine unless we tell them otherwise. So he will most probably think there is a reasonable explanation for your lack of contact.

Some people might immediately start predicting worse-case scenarios. In other words – if you don’t text back you must have had an accident, you are with another man, or you have ended the relationship. A guy just thinks ‘Oh she’s busy right now. She’ll get in touch when she has time.’

Is your guy always making the first move or always making arrangements to meet up? Is he always the one to text or call? If so, he might think you are high maintenance.

Does he have to make repeated efforts to get you to reply? Be wary if this is the case. He’ll only continue to do so if he really likes you. If he doesn’t he’ll soon lose interest.

This is very similar to the ‘she’s busy’ train of thought. In life we can’t always reply to a phone call or text as soon as we receive it. Things tend to happen and we have to deal with these things as they occur.

Therefore, it’s no biggie if you don’t hear from your partner all day. It simply means that there was an important issue that came up and they couldn’t return your message.

what he thinks when you ignore him

Men do not play games but they know that women do. By ignoring him and not replying straight away he might think that you are playing hard to get. You are being a little coy and you don’t want to show how keen you really are.

Men are not interested in women that are easily available. They want to ‘earn’ the top prize. It’s all to do with evolution. Men want the best genes to carry on their family line. They know that a woman with these high quality genes is worth pursuing and fighting for.

So he’ll be more interested in the woman who doesn’t immediately call or text back. He doesn’t want the woman that is too readily accepting of his advances.

I’ve said many times that men don’t play mind games. They are basic creatures with basic needs. This is actually a good thing and not an insult. It means they are easy to understand.

So if you think that by ignoring them they will get some vague message or hint about their behaviour you are wrong. A typical guy just thinks that the relationship didn’t work out between you and moves on.

You know that saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder?’ Well there is some truth to it. In psychology it is called ‘reactance’ and it is the feeling a person gets of wanting this thing more when it is taken away from them.

It’s a little like reverse psychology. If you tell someone they don’t want a particular thing they tend to want it even more. Breaking off contact with a person denies them the chance of talking to you, whether they really wanted to or not. But now, because they can’t they really want to.

what he thinks when you ignore him

There’s nothing worse than constant texts or calls from someone when you are trying to get on with work or when you are out. It shows a needy side that is really not attractive.

The opposite of this is not being in constant contact. This shows someone who has their own life and doesn’t need regular updates on yours.

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