12 Signs A Man Is In Love With You (But He’s Hiding It)

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It
  • Eye contact. …
  • Never use his phone around you. …
  • He is talking to you almost every day. …
  • He never talks about other girls. …
  • Treats your friends well. …
  • He tries to be around you. …
  • Jealousy. …
  • He’s supportive.

How to Know If a Guy Loves You But is Hiding It (10 Signs)

He makes fun of the other men in your life

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

This one is his favorite thing to do, because he wants you to see that he is the man for you, that he will be the best one you can have. But the important thing here is to see in which way he makes fun of them.

If he does it jokingly and it’s actually funny, it means he’s not an asshole who just wants to big himself up. He’s just a man in love who still hasn’t figured out how to approach you.

But if he does it in a mean way, that it actually makes you uncomfortable to hear it, he could be a toxic man.

He’s not doing it only to show you that the other guys are not for you, he’s doing it to boost his ego and that’s not the kind of man you need in your life.

It won’t be long before he starts using mind games on you to get that ego boost he so desperately needs.

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

He will often bring up the topic of how he’s looking for that special woman and will probably give you ‘the look’ while saying so.

He will also joke about his single life in front of you and add to that the fact that he’s not bringing up any women around you, it’s pretty clear whom he wants to be that special woman in his life.

And if by any chance some woman comes over to hit on him, he will play along until he sees that he has your attention and then he will turn her down.

It’s simply because he wants to see your reaction. If he sees a little bit of jealousy on your face, you officially made his day.

Plus him being rude will only turn you off, so there’s no way he will rudely reject any woman who hits on him.

You have all of his attention when you’re talking and he keeps eye contact, something no man will do if he’s not really interested in you.

Men are visual beings, they love to look around to see if there’s something interesting to see.

But if you’re the only one he’s looking at, then he has already found it.

He will also always turn his body toward you when you’re together and will never pull back when you’re accidentally touching.

Other signs to look for are if he’s gesticulating a lot with his hands and if he tilts his head.

When men are comfortable around you and want to openly communicate with you, they will move their hands a lot when they’re talking.

And tilting his head while locking eyes with you is an invitation for you to talk to him, or if you’re already talking, it means he wants to know more.

He gets quiet when you start talking about another man

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

If there is someone who has your attention that you start to talk about, he will most likely close off immediately.

He will never ask you to not talk about him or let you know that he has a problem with you having someone in your life but you can see in his behavior that he’s not okay with it.

While you’re talking about another man, he is thinking about his lost chance and the ways he can make it better.

He’s hurting at that moment but still tries to act like nothing is wrong, because it’s his, and only his, fault that you don’t know about his feelings.

You can do this as a sort of test, if he’s a hard one to read. Start talking about a guy who approached you at a club and how he had all the right manners and moves and how you can’t wait to get to know him better.

If his mood instantly changes and he tries to change the subject while stuttering about how happy he is for you, you got him.

But don’t do this unless you’re ready to make a move on him. It’ll only mess with his feelings and confidence and that’s not the right thing to do.

He plays the hot and cold game

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

One day he wants to be with you all the time and loves spending time with you, giving you the most amazing compliments and all those accidental touches that make your blood surge with desire.

And the next day he is so busy that the guy is practically non-existent.

The explanation is quite simple—he’s in love with you but he’s not ready to come forward.

Maybe he’s not sure how you feel, maybe he’s afraid of rejection or getting his heart broken.

But for one moment he loses himself and lets go of all the boundaries and walls.

He is as close to you as it gets without letting you know he’s into you.

And he’s afraid that you have figured it out, so he turns cold the next day.

But still, if he has fuckboy tendencies, let the boy loose. You don’t need those kinds of games in your life.

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

If he’s fidgeting all the time and is constantly fixing his appearance, such as combing his fingers through his hair and fixing his shirt while talking to you, ask yourself if there is a reason for him to be nervous.

Probably the reason he’s like that is that he wants to tell you how he feels but something is stopping him from doing so.

He also wants to look his best for you, which kind of makes him nervous, because he’s afraid he could mess something up and lose the chance with you for good.

It’s a lot of pressure and we’ve all been there, so you can’t really blame the guy for stuttering and spilling his drinks from time to time.

signs hes in love with you but hiding it

When we like someone, we mirror their movements unconsciously, because we want them and want to be like them. If you’re wondering if he’s into you, you can do a little test.

Next time you’re out together, cross your arms and watch if he does the same.

If he’s into you, he most likely will do it right after you do, without even realizing it.

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