100+ Flirty Pick-Up Lines for Texting


214+ Flirty Pick Up Lines For Texting To Impress

Since flirty pick up lines are used as an icebreaker, you want your first lines to be fun and light. A best pickup line for flirting is more successful when it is creative and is something you feel comfortable saying. Also, it shows you have a sense of humor and confident enough to use it.

100 Flirty Texts for Her — Playful, Romantic, Funny and Dirty

Everyone needs a partner at some point in their lives. And it’s easy to find one when you are a natural wordsmith and flirting just rolls off your tongue (or your fingers) on its own. But what if you’re not a poet and words just get jumbled together in your mind, when you open that girl’s DM?

1. Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest: Inviting Them on a Unique Date

Dinner and a walk is lovely, but a little overdone. Try these unusual ways to ask that special someone out. Go boldly where no couple has gone before!

  • You’ve been challenged to a Laser Tag War by your Future SO. Accept if you dare!
  • Let’s throw a potluck picnic – you bring your favourite food, I’ll bring mine! Dress code: sunscreen.
  • How about we swap books when we meet? I’d love to read a novel close to your heart. xx
  • Picture this for a first date: Bob Ross tutorial. Both of us, covered in paint. Me DEMOLISHING your happy little trees.
  • Quick, get in the time machine! I’ve set it so we can meet earlier!
  • Why don’t we bond over some furbabies and volunteer at the local dog shelter tomorrow?
  • Let’s buy a bunch of ingredients and try to invent a new kind of sushi roll! Your place or mine?
  • My oracle tells me you’re losing when we play air hockey this weekend. There’s still time to prove her wrong…
  • There’s a pottery class in my area that I’ve been dying to try. Want to recreate that scene from Ghost with me?
  • Wanna watch me break the sound barrier? Tell me when and where we’re meeting.
  • 2. ‘I Did My Waiting! Twelve Years of It! In Azkaban!’: Pick-Up Lines for Quarantine Times

    Will it ever end??? For you hard-working online dating enthusiasts, here are some COVID-friendly pick up lines. Stay safe!

  • I’m like the 0.1% of germs that sanitizer can’t kill – super reliable.
  • We grew the same 19 succulents in quarantine! It’s meant to be!
  • So since we can’t go OUT on a date, how about we order each other pizza?
  • I didn’t think wearing masks was unfair till yours stopped me seeing your face.
  • Since we have to socially distance for now, let’s make up the gap emotionally.
  • Getting the vaccine was my second favourite thing about 2021. The first was meeting you.
  • I’d send you flowers if I could, but since these are strange times, here’s this video of a puppy waking up instead.
  • How would you feel about a chill dinner date over video? Virtual candles and everything!
  • Talking to you is like using sanitizer on a public bus – I just can’t get enough.
  • For every time you beat my high-score, I’ll buy you a coffee after lockdown. You game?
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