10 Ways to Seduce Women Over Text (With Screenshot Examples)

By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations? Very frustrating… but there is a simple solution. I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work, including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Download it, its completely free and easy to use.

20 Ways To Seduce A Married Woman With Text Messages
  • Start seducing by sending a blank text message. …
  • Do not text back immediately. …
  • Emojis can be utilised to win her heart. …
  • Use her errors in the text to tease her. …
  • Make sure you send texts at suitable times. …
  • Text her right before bedtime.

Send Her These 7 Texts To Build Sexual Tension | Text Message Flirting | Texting She LOVES

#1: The 3 reasons you want to be texting

Which leads to never-ending conversations. Conversations that tend to be very light on flirting and emotionally stimulating texts.

Without flirting and emotionally stimulating texts, she’s likely to grow bored.

So before you even pick up your phone, you want to know WHY you’re texting her.

The only times you want to be texting is to do one of three things:

  • Making a good first impression (obviously only applies at the start of the dating phase)
  • Leading toward the date
  • Checking in on her to maintain emotional momentum
  • So after the introductory stage, you’ll be moving back and forth between leading toward the date and checking in on her.

    Text more than that and you’ll likely bore her, or come across as slightly desperate and available.

    So keep your texting purposeful.

    #2: Five texts that create massive sexual tension

    If you don’t create sexual tension, you may as well be diving off a cliff into the friendzone.

    So how do you create that magical force that leads to attraction and a spicy evening in the bedroom?

    Well, I’m a firm believer of starting tension as quickly as possible. Which I do with the next texts, depending on the situation.

    If you already know each other and occasionally hangout, send her this: I’ve decided I want to be a prostitute Will you leave me a Yelp review?

    If you’re 99,23454% sure she likes you, but you’ve never been on a date: I feel a bit embarrassed to tell you this, but I had a dream about you last night

    A text she won’t be able to resist. Expect her to say something like: Okay… tell me more

    Which you’ll answer with: Well, let’s just say I’ve never seen that side of you before

    If she gave you a really good compliment over text: If you happen to see me right now, I’m not blushing My cheeks are just red from ehh… exhaustion after beating up 10 bad guys

    Because you’re telling her how much of an impact she already has on you. That’s hot.

    If you simply don’t know what to say, go with: Hnnnngg. Just had the best burgers ever. Almost arousing

    I think this text speaks for itself. You’re literally brining up the topic of sex, without making it about her or you.

    It’s on the edge. But definitely safe enough that she won’t find it offensive.

    If she does find it offensive, just say: You and I clearly have a very different relationship with food

    Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a back and forth with a Tinder match or real life crush. You know, moments where you’re chatting quickly rather than at a snail’s pace.

    What I’d like you to do next time you find yourself in that position, tell her “one sec” as if you’re a bit busy with something else.

    But instead of “one sec”, you write: One sex

    And then you follow up with: Oops. Meant one sec Autocorrect is clearly reading my mind

    It’s a bit cheeky. But it’s accidental, so it’s all good.

    #3: Seduce her by slowly raising the stakes

    Being too nice.

    Although ‘being nice’ has many forms, I mean specifically:

    Look, I get it. She’s beautiful, and you feel an urge to tell her..

    That’s awfully gentlemanly of you. And although I believe the world would be a better place if people gave more praise…

    I strongly advise against giving out lots of compliments on dating apps.

    Women often read a big compliment as, “I’m super into you.”

    And if that’s the case, she’s likely to LOSE interest because she feels like she already has you.

    How do you keep her interested WHILE raising attraction?

  • You hold onto your compliments until she’s shown enough interest in you
  • You give compliments in a slightly challenging or cocky way
  • Suppose you’ve had a back and forth with your Tinder match. And she’s showing signs that she likes you.

    Now is a great time to give her a compliment and reel her in a little.

    But watch out. If you go overboard with your compliment, you risk losing all your hard-earned sexy points in one text.

    Perhaps something like this: Diggin your vibes, Sarah

    (This is a safe and generic compliment. If you can, pick something you genuinely like about her so far that’s not based on her appearance. Perhaps her sense of humor or taste in movies.) Let’s do a phone call soon and see if you can earn yourself some more points And see if I can hold onto mine

    Firstly, it’s a compliment that she probably doesn’t hear very often. Most guys will probably compliment her looks.

    Secondly, you instantly follow up the compliment by suggesting a phone call and challenging her to winning ‘points’.

    Thirdly, you end with ‘see if I can hold onto mine’. That bit of self deprecating humor shows that you’re not a mega cocky douchenozzle.

    Here’s another series of texts you send her to reach a similar effect: Haha, you legit made me laugh out loud Here’s my number ___. You earned it

    But it shows her that you don’t just give away your number to anyone.

    Which makes her feel special and makes you different from all the other guys.

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