10 ways to get a Pisces man to like you

7 Ways How To Keep A Pisces Man Wanting You
  1. Understand him.
  2. Be Romantic.
  3. Show your interest in him.
  4. Be supportive and helpful in practical ways.
  5. Be attentive to his feelings.
  6. Be creative.
  7. Be gentle and kind.
  8. Final Thoughts on Pisces men.


Understanding the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the last and twelfth Zodiac sign and represents a sort of “apex” of the signs. Pisces is the sign of experience and maturity and emotionally sensitive empathy.

The Pisces tends to be someone who has been through deep trials, low lows and high highs. As a water sign, Pisces has some commonalities with signs like Cancer in being in touch with the sensitive side and in touch with feelings.

The difference is Pisces tends to be sensitive and feeling-oriented to an even greater extent and are what some refer to as old souls. They are empaths in many cases and can feel what’s inside you on a deep level.

Think of them as a fish swimming around and sensing any disturbances and waves in the water or swimming to bask in a sunny patch.

Pisces are the king of gut instinct and can “sense” when something is right or wrong. They also are generally very creative and people like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs are leading examples of Pisces men. They can rise to great heights on the wings of their vibrant imaginations and highly imaginative explorations that can help with new discoveries, innovation and incredible progress in many fields.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is also very important to understand. The god of the seas is emotionally intelligent but also able to think abstractly and creatively on an epic level that some other Zodiac signs struggle with more.

Neptune looks to the future and is all about spiritual progression and self-knowledge. The Pisces sign of two fishes actually symbolizes the conscious and subconscious mind. As such, the Pisces man is on a quest to integrate himself and reach a level of spiritual wisdom that transcends the everyday.

Pisces can be drawn to those who are having a hard time and are usually very generous. They want a partner who complements them on a physical, emotional and soul level. They can never accept a connection that doesn’t really “feel right.”

Remember that the Zodiac has three types of signs: fixed, mutable and cardinal.

Fixed signs come in the middle of the seasons and are usually action-oriented people, cardinal signs come at the start of a season and are the pioneers who forge new paths, while the mutable signs of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo are those who have taken the best of the other signs and used it for flexibility and greater wisdom.

Those from mutable signs are dynamic and can change as they go. Pisces men are generally very in touch with their emotions – sometimes they can even get lost in them. But if you’re wondering how to get a Pisces man to like you here’s a brief guide with some answers.

1) Give him time and space for self-care

As a sensitive man, the Pisces guy can get really wrapped up in his emotions and the emotions of those around him. This can tire him out a lot and leave him just needing some time and space alone for self-care.

how to make a pisces man want you

Knowing when to give your Pisces man room to chill and be a sensitive dude will benefit you greatly in the long-term and lead to his growing respect and affection for you as he will sense that you understand his occasional need for space and solitude.

Pisces men aren’t obsessed with being alone, nor are they necessarily emotionally distant or something like that; it is more so that they receive impressions and the emotional impact of events and people more deeply than many other people and they may need time to process and work through emotions and experiences that other people can sometimes gloss over or quickly move past.

The Pisces man often feels even the pain of wider society and injustice deeply and can also be very affected by distressing news cycles and problems in the world.

If you don’t give the Pisces man time to process what he’s feeling and work on himself he can become despondent and negative and begin to blame others for demanding too much of him.

2) Introduce him to your mystery

Pisces guys tend to be drawn to the unknown. Think of their water sign and the deep depths they like to swim in.

The Pisces man wants to explore and find sunken treasures and glittering gold in the deep blue sea. That gold is your love.

Or it could be. When you’re too much presenting your “treasure” right in front of him or seeking his attention, the Pisces man may swim away and start seeking out other glittering gems. He wants a challenge and a mystery that can draw him in and foster his creative imagination and passion at a profound level.

If things have become stale or you’re interacting overly directly the Pisces man may withdraw or lose interest. Keep things a little bit mysterious and keep the waves rolling.

Limit your availability a little bit and don’t check in with him quite as often. When he senses you withdrawing a little bit he will tend to pursue, drawn by the deep current and the connection he feels with you.

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