10 Tinder Openers She Can’t Resist – Proven To Work! [2022]

Best Tinder Openers in 2020 (Conversation Starter Experiment)

Tinder Strategy Guide: Opening Lines That Work

good openers on tinder

PRO TIP: Include a GIF with your Tinder conversation starter.

Not only will a GIF boost your response rate by 30%, Tinder says the ensuing conversation will also be twice as long.

Why do GIFs make such good Tinder openers? Simple:

  1. Her eye is automatically drawn to the animation.
  2. The GIF elicits some sort of emotional response, be it a smile or a laugh.
  3. The subconscious link between what she’s feeling and what she’s reading will increase the odds she’ll respond.

That sequence is precisely why “Hey” usually doesn’t work as an opening line. It typically doesn’t spark any emotion, so that feeling of instant connection is absent.

good openers on tinder

News flash: if she’s attractive, she knows it.

She’s probably gotten some variation of “Hey, baby nice […..]” or “Ur hot” 15 times already this week. Getting another lame pick-up line from you may just send her running to Bumble or Hinge.

The Tinder message example above pays her a light personality-based compliment, which will probably be a refreshing change.

Then the question gives her the opportunity to talk about herself, which research has shown activates pleasure centers in her brain.

Subconsciously, she begins to associate you with feeling good – and that’s essential if she’s going to meet you in person or share her phone number.

good openers on tinder

While asking about her weekend is better than just saying, “Hi,” it’s still a Tinder question she likely gets asked all the time.

good openers on tinder

A fun creative spin lets her know she’s in for a lively message exchange.

good openers on tinder

good openers on tinder

You can send them to any woman who skis, snowboards, or has cats/dogs in her photos.

Over time you can develop a go-to message for things you commonly see as you’re swiping, then copy paste and fire them off in seconds.

good openers on tinder

good openers on tinder

good openers on tinder

For some guys, making the first move on Tinder isn’t easy. So they swipe, match, and then wait for her to break the ice.

Don’t feel bad – it’s pretty common. In one experiment, dating coach CamMi Pham got 2,015 matches in under 24 hours, then sat back and waited for the guy to make the first move.

Only 30% of them did, meaning 70% of her matches fizzled out.

There’s no need to take the passive route now that you’ve got these 10 good Tinder openers in your toolbox. Grab the conversational reigns by sending one!

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