10 Steps to Attract & Seduce a Cancer Man & Make Him Fall in Love

Make a considerate gesture.

When your Cancer man can feel how much you love him, he might be more likely to fall in love with you in return. Do something nice for him without having a reason. A little well-timed kindness can go a long way. When you say “I love you,” make it meaningful, passionate, and genuine.

  1. Be patient. Don’t rush things with a Cancer man, and soon he will feel close to you. …
  2. Be supportive. When you are his biggest cheerleader, he can let his guards down. …
  3. Be gentle. Make him feel comfortable. …
  4. Be understanding. Don’t be upset if he gets jealous. …
  5. Be vulnerable.

10 Steps to Attract & Seduce a Cancer Man & Make Him Fall in Love

How To Make A Cancer Man Happy? 5 Tips To Get It Right

Just like the symbol of this sign, Cancer men portray themselves as tough from the outside. However, if you can get through that tough exterior, you’ll find that a Cancer man in love is a very sensitive and emotional being. This is one of the signs to notice when dating a Cancer man. Why, you ask? Well, because if you succeed in seeing this soft, vulnerable side, it means you’ve succeeded in your efforts to make a Cancer man fall in love with you.

Men born under this sign use their protective shell, just like the crab in their sun sign, to hide their vulnerability. A Cancer man is a dedicated lover and responds to all the needs of his ladylove. He makes his partner feel very comfortable with his soft, romantic and charming characteristics.

However, you will need to make some effort to get to a point where a Cancerian man is ready to let you into this shell. The first step in that direction is knowing how to make a Cancer man happy. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind:

A Cancerian man loves to spend time at home rather than going out. The comfort of his home pleases him because he is free to be himself. Being with him means being in love with a homebody. If you want to know how to show a Cancer man you love him, know that the door to his heart is through the door to his den.

As his spouse or girlfriend, you should make plans with him that involve staying at home or going to a place he’s comfortable in. A Cancer man in love will enjoy cooking delicious meals for you and spoil you silly! But be sure to tell him what your preferences are, as he takes any criticism related to his domestic skills very seriously.

A Cancer man also loves to host and entertain his friends and family. If you force him to step out of the coziness of home and be in a crowded place, he is not likely to enjoy himself. He likes the solitude of his home. For him, home is literally where his ‘heart’ is.

make cancer man fall in love

How to make a Cancer man happy? Well, it doesn’t get any simpler than this! Just shower him with copious amounts of GENUINE compliments. Due to his sensitive nature, he likes to be appreciated. He honors his self-esteem and likes his partner nurturing it for him. He goes the extra mile for you and loves it when you recognize that.

A Cancerian man is generous with his compliments too. So, is it so unfair to want some praise back? And, don’t worry, you won’t feel like you’re forcing praise because he will do enough thoughtful things for you to deserve it. This is a typical trait of a Cancer Zodiac personality.

If you want to know how to show a Cancer man you love him the no-holds-barred way, know that the best place to do that is in the bedroom. However, make sure you keep your lovemaking gentle and soft. The dynamics of sex in this relationship are going to be markedly different from any other you may have experienced so far.

That’s because even a Cancer man in love takes a lot of time to build a relationship, especially a sexual one. He’s often considered as the shy kind. However, the fact of the matter is that he only wants to make sure you both are equally comfortable before getting sexually involved.

He is very gentle and soft and believes in passionate lovemaking rather than a wild sex session. Once you’ve gained his trust, he does not shy away from experimenting. When a Cancer man is in love he has complete faith in you and has connected with you emotionally, he’ll not be afraid to show his wild side to you. Don’t be afraid to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. A Cancerian man will love this!

In case you’re already in love with each other, you may be looking for ways to get a Cancer man to marry you and take the relationship to the next level. If you’ve been with him long enough, you’d know how strongly attached he is to his family and friends. That’s the key to making him want to say ‘I do’ to you, with all his heart.

His circle may be small but it means the world to him. If you want him to be yours, you probably want to get on his family’s good side. Besides, it would truly make a Cancerian man happy to see the people he loves most get along well. If you fail to build a good relationship with his loved ones, it will be hard for you to survive a long term relationship with him.

5. A Cancer man in love takes time to trust

A Cancerian man wants to make sure he does not get hurt and hence does not trust anyone easily. Even if you feel like he doesn’t trust you completely initially, do not take it personally. Instead, work on ways in which you can make him feel comfortable with you. Do not be judgmental about his soft and sensitive side.

Be honest and faithful with him, and focus on building trust in the relationship. If he has let you into his life, it is a sign that he already trusts you. You just need to slowly and steadily build on his trust. He will automatically trust you once he starts falling in love with you.

This is especially important if you want to make a Cancer man chase you. No matter how strongly drawn he is to you, he’ll not wear his heart on his sleeve until he can trust you completely.

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